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We're sleeping....NOT!

Peace'n quiet at last

Aw come on's not time to sleep yet!

Mom, she's touching me!

Just Harriet

Belvedere and Harriet meet Santa

A hug goodbye from Howard

I got the bucket guys!!!

Libby was caught sleeping with mommies stuffed toys

Lindsay and Belvedere

Stosh was partying too much!

Puppies nursing

She never feeds us...really she doesn't

ok, who shut the lights off??

Libby cooling off in the heat

"They" did this to me! I swear!

Gladys loves the weight pull. She pulled over 1440 LBS!

A toy for a pillow

Baby Henry

Wilma love's Nadine

Baby Wilma

Koda, a Freya pup enjoys his new Family

We look rediculus

It's getting worse guys. I hope nobody sees us looking like this

I can sit here all day

...till somebody finds me

Is there anybody around...

this is getting difficult to just sit here, think I'll relax a bit

'FINALLY' somebody noticed me..hmmmmm

Henry found a mud puddle to play in, of course right after his bath, when else?

Henry shares a moment w Mom outside the ring

Agnes enjoys a run w her new pals

A Saint Bernards favorite position(this is Agnes)

I think we are clean enough to come in now Mom

Henry, Thelma, Louise, Fred and Wilma on a winter day '10

It tastes really bad, Mom..

What dirt?

'discussing the dirt w Momma Dog'

Brody sits next to the stuffed rocking saint

Mason and his pal Brody

General 'Cool' Patton

Erika and Zoey

'the new dishwashing crew'

'faster that a speeding bullet' (Agnes)

Brody catching the leaves

Brody is ready to ride the hog

Can I come in there an play? I promise to play nice!

Henry thinks they are pretty long as they stay in there.

Lucian ready for the show

Birtrhday cake with Lucian and his 2 sisters on it..cute

Brody's Bubbles...we should patten the stuff

Ean and a puppy

Wilma the chipmonk

Wilma watching the bear on TV

Patton visits nursing homes

Wilma and Bev hang out before going in the show ring

Aurora and Little John taking the pups for a ride in the John Deer wagon

"you stay in there now"

Dorothy has her castle claimed